Care Groups

Care Groups meet at 9:00am on Sunday morning. Care Groups are a place designed just for you! Each group offers encouragement, healing, and fellowship as believers attempt to be "in this world but not of this world". If you don't know which Care Group is right for you, don't worry! A caring person will be waiting at the Welcome Desk inside the main entrance to assist you in finding a class that fits your needs.
You can find the list of Care Groups below.

Nursery-Leaders Jean Jordan & Ann Simmons

Toddlers-2 year old-Leaders Donna Yates & Shawn Hunt

Children-3-4-Leaders Susie Jenkins & Cindy Madison

Children-5-6-Leaders Amy Stracner

Younger School Children-2nd-3rd grade Leader Buster & Michelle Howell

Older School Children-4th-6th grade Leader Teresa Dutton

Students 7-12th grade-Leader Randy McCain

College and Career-Leader Karen McCain 

Young Adults-Leader Eric Rigsby

Young Adults -Leaders Kyle Butler/Cory Wilkes

Adult Class-Leader CW McGehee

Adult Couples-Leader Mike Rigsby (Care Group on Thursday nights)

Ladies Class-Leader Tammy McCain

Senior Adults-Leader Stanley Jordan